Phone Number Plate

  • Mcdodo CM-5360 CM-5361 Temporary Parking Phone Number Plate

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    Mcdodo Temporary Parking Phone Number Holder is a holder that can be installed in your car so that you can display your phone number if you are unable to find a parking space. So once installed you don’t have to worry about blocking someone in the parking lot and forgetting to leave a contact number.

    The support is glued with the help of a reusable adhesive, after it is washed it becomes sticky again. You can dial your phone number using the 8 rows of digits from 0 to 9 found in the package. They adhere to the special plate very easily being magnetic.
    If you do not want the number to be displayed, the holder has the option to hide it by a simple press. The figures light up easily and in the dark, being visible at night.

    KSh1,040.00 Price